Who we are

Savvy Boards is a boutique consulting firm based in Guatemala City specializing in bringing cost-effective and practical solutions to our clients in corporate issues

Our Purpose

Creating a positive impact in the organizations we work for

Our Mission

Supporting our clients to improve their performance to create a more sustainable world

Our Team

We are a highly committed team of professionals, consultants and experienced executives coming from different industries and sectors, with a well-supported understanding of the major strategic issues and opportunities present-day and future organizations usually face.

We share a vision of a different kind of consulting company that focuses on our clients’ success through a lean and pragmatical approach providing effective solutions in a timely manner

Provide cost-effective, tailor-made solutions

Being efficient in the use of the resources
Understanding every company is unique
Prioritizing effectiveness and practical approaches

Being proactive to make a positive difference

Putting our best in every step we undertake
Providing flexible and innovative solutions
Working with sustainability in mind

Generate trust through care and respect

Preserving our clients´ information with high confidentiality
Maintaining high standards in our work
Building long-lasting relationships

Why us

Our consulting services are intended to be cost-effective, tailor-made and practical.

We want to create a positive impact and give support to our customers so they can continue to thrive in this competitive, challenging but full of opportunities market

A full set of services intended to provide our clients

with the effective solutions they need to face present-day and future corporate challenges

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