Corporate Governance

Better boards for a better world

Diagnosis, Benchmarking and Assessment

Determining the present maturity level of corporate governance practices, benchmarking with peers, advisory for self-evaluation and external board assessments will allow to define and undertake the proper improvement process to consolidate the corporate governance in our clients’ organizations

Training to Prospect, New and Senior Directors

Having the right understanding of the main duties, responsibilities, risks, and trends will improve board performance when facing the corporate issues that are common at the highest level into the organizations. Specific advisory in trend topics like DE&I, board refreshment, sustainability and ESG, finance for non-financial directors, cybersecurity among others also available

Governance Improvement

Tailor-made, effective solutions and board advisory that provide our clients the necessary support in corporate governance so they will exhibit more transparency, accountability, compliance, and constructive interactions with their stakeholders. We also support our clients in defining the right set of board committees for their organizations

Specific and Expert Advice

Advisory and different solutions to specific corporate governance issues that boards of directors or executives may encounter when performing their duties

A full set of services intended to provide our clients

with the effective solutions they need to face present-day and future corporate challenges

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